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Chris Kwiat: The Parts "Guru"


MISSL's own "parts guru", Chris Kwiat paid a visit at the September meeting and gave his expert advice on some of the common parts issues which have faced many MISSL members over the years of B-Body ownership, to say the least. Chris gave detailed explanation on the specific part problems and had examples of failed parts for the attendees to see! Many thanks to Chris as he his a wealth of knowledge when it comes to parts for our B-Bodies!


Chris Kwiat gives advice at the September meeting.



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Battery Stud

Many 1994 and early 1995 B-Bodies have a problem with the battery stud overheating. This can be dangerous as a fire could occur. The stud is located on the left rear of the engine compartment. You should (should?) replace your battery stud if yours looks like the one on the left!

More info on this issue can be found here.


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Do you have a problem with your blower not working properly? If you happen to have one or two of your blower settings not working, it's most likely the blower motor resistor. A telltale sign is either your blower works in the full "on" position or not at all. The metal is very susceptible to corrosion and can easily rust out and break, leading to your lower blower speeds not working. The part is easily replaced and costs between $20-$30.


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Many flywheels go bad because the welds fail over time. If you are having transmission work done and it's possible to examine the flywheel, it might be a good idea to inspect it. At first glance it may appear fine but upon closer inspection, you may find fine cracks at the welds or bolt locations.


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Blower Housing

The flap on the inside of the blower housing can become tweaked over time, becoming mis-aligned and rubbing against the blower housing. The corner of the flap is so sharp it can gouge itself into the housing, causing resistance in the hinge and possible hinge failure. Chris recommends cutting the corner off of the flap with a Dremel so it won't rub against the housing. This preventative move will save you from purchasing the entire lower part of the blower housing!



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Underhood Light

Guess what? The underhood light has been discontinued by GM. What do you do? Pick up the Caddy underhood light instead. GM is still making it and it will easily pop out for replacement in your current underhood light. Get them now before these are continued as well.






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