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New Member FAQ

Postby dlambert » Thu May 03, 2012 9:20 pm

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is membership required?
MISSL has always had an open door policy for the Saturday club meetings. Anyone that is interested in our cars or our club has been welcome to attend the general meetings. It is not uncommon to see potential new members checking out the club for the first time or past members returning to socialize.

During the year the club will hold several members only events. For these events membership is required.

Several areas on the club website are restricted to members only. For example members can post in the For Sale section. Non-members can only reply to postings.

2. Do we have to participate in the club activities?
No, of course not. If you do participate in club activities we ask that you pitch in and help make the event a success. We’re always looking for help setting up an event and cleanup after an event.

3. Benefits of being a club member?
Valuable knowledge, admission to club events and friendship with people who share your passion for full-size performance cars.

4. What do my due cover?
Your membership dues are used to cover the expenses of the club. For example a portion of your dues are used to provide the website and online forum, food for club events, door prizes for club events, mailing and postage, advertising, rental agreements for items like picnic shelters and various other expenses.

5. When are my membership Dues due?
Annual dues are due at the first of the year. It is important that you pay your dues on time. It is difficult for the Board of Directors and event coordinators to plan events without an accurate count of active members.

6. What is a MOD day?
A MOD day is a group event where you can work on your car, ask all the questions you want, just hang out and eat lunch. It doesn't take much to host a MOD day; a place to park some cars, some basic tools, a jack and some jack stands.

7. I have idea for the club, what do i do next?
Great, we love to hear new ideas. Take sometime and think about the details and how best to describe your idea. This will help the BOD to better understand your idea. Tell us how you can help to make your idea a reality. Working together with the BOD is the quickest way to get new ideas off the ground.

8. What is the BOD?
The Board of Directors or BOD is made up of six club members that have been elected by the general membership of the club to handle the business of the club.

9. Term of office BOD?
Directors are elected to a three year term. Every year two Directors are replaced. This provides some consistency year to year and gives new Directors the opportunity to learn from the experience of the other Directors.

10. BOD Elections?
Nominations for the Board are held at the November meeting. Elections for the Board are held at the December meeting.

11. BOD Officers?
The general membership elects members to the Board of Directors. The Directors elect the officers. The officers are President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.
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