Update from the April Meeting

We had a great turn out today. There were at least 15 members in attendance with a nice variety of Impalas and the every popular TBSS crew. Don grabbed keys and test drove every car he could get his hands-on. He even grabbed the keys for the 95 SS that Ryan purchased in the parking lot during the meeting.

Later this month MISSL will head down to Milan Dragway for Test & Tune and a little grude racing. Rumor has it that Dan and Derrick have an old score to settle. ¬†Toney has a new motor and now that Ryan has two Impalas he can afford to break one. Don’t forget your helmet and we’ll see you at the track!

Dan and Don made a parts run to Brighton to pick up a set of SS wheels from Jim Winter. While Matt helped Ryan and drove the new acquisition home.

After hanging out on Woodward for a couple hours the die-hards went down to Duggans and watched the Michigan basketball game. The party broke up at midnight.

Not too bad for our first summer meeting.

3 thoughts on “Update from the April Meeting

  1. Very nice write up. Not sure the guy selling the car knew what the heck was going on. Everybody was acting like 7 year olds, crawling all over the car, then the car went for a DonL test run, then the mob floated over to the TBSS, then a silver TBSS got the DonL treatment, then back to the back of the lot, then a couple of guys were moving a transmission from a TBSS, slicks came out, the trans went into the noisy boxy hooptie… Very good to see the Spring itch in everybody. Fun day, wished I had time to stay to watch the SYRACUSE game with all the yellow and blue-bers. I watched from home, probably the first time I watched a Syracuse game since they were still the Orangemen..

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